Using the Site Library

GeneratePress Sites are importable sites that are built to give you a head start when building new websites.

These sites include GeneratePress options and demo content. If you already have content, you can choose to only import the GeneratePress options. The demo content should only ever be imported on fresh website with no content.

Importing a Site

Importing a site is super easy. First make sure you have GP Premium 1.6 or newer installed and the site library module activated, then head to Appearance > GeneratePress > Site Library. The filters on top of the page allow you to sort through sites that are using Beaver Builder, Elementor or No Page Builder is used:

After you decided on a site that you would like to use, we are now ready to import. We will use Split for the example walk through.

First, click the Details button to see the details of the selected site.

If you have made changes in the customizer already, you will see the Backup Options button.

When you clicked Backup Options, a file name generatepress-options-backup.json should be downloaded by your browser. This is useful if you want to revert back to your existing settings.

If no changes have been made in the customizer, you will the Import Options button. This will import the customizer option of the selected site.

Once the customizer options are imported, you can choose to Import Content or choose to Skip this step.

For best results, only install this demo content on fresh sites with no content. If you have already installed another GeneratePress Site, be sure to clean it up by deleting the content, plugins and menus that it added.

After the demo content are imported (or skipped), you can now click View Your Site to for further customization!

Removing an Imported Site

If you install a Site and decide you don’t want it, or you want to install a different one, head back into the main Site Library page and you’ll see the below message.

When you import a site, we take a quick backup of your existing settings first. If you decide to remove the imported site, we will restore those settings we took a backup of.

The removal process does make changes to your database, so if you have data you don’t want to risk losing, please take a site backup before doing this process.

It is possible to click the “Skip” link and install another site on top of the site you already imported. However, remember that the backup is taken as you import a site, so if you import on top of another import, you will be taking a backup of the previously imported site. This means you won’t be able to go back to how your site was before the first site import.