Updating Issues

Update package not available

Updates can only process if your license key is activated.

To activate your license key, go to Appearance > GeneratePress in your Dashboard, and add it into the license key field on the right.

Getting an unauthorized message

See this article for instructions on fixing this issue.

Download failed. cURL error 51

An error occurred while updating GP Premium: Download failed. cURL error 51: SSL: certificate subject name ‘docs.generatepress.com’ does not match target host name ‘generatepress.com’

If you’re receiving the above message, it means your server is using a very old version of CURL and/or OpenSSL. To fix this, your server needs to update both your SSL library and CURL.

Yoast.com has an excellent article on this which goes into more detail here.

Email activation failed

Our email activation system was being bombarded by spam, so we had to switch back over to license keys. If you never activated your email, you’ll have to manually update to the latest version in order to activate your license key and get updates through your Dashboard.

Could not copy file

Also seen as “could not create directory”.

This error can happen for two reasons.

  1. If you’re using your localhost running on a Windows machine. For whatever reason, there’s a bug between the WordPress updating system and Windows hosting. You can read the more technical aspects of this issue here. To fix this issue, you can use this plugin.
  2. If you’re using a live server that’s not Windows based, it’s likely that some of the file/folder permissions are not what they should be. Contact your hosting and ask them to make sure that you’re able to upload/remove/change files on your server through WordPress.

Manually updating

If all else fails, you can always manually update.

You won’t lose any of your settings this way – it’s the same process that happens when you update via the Dashboard, it just takes a few minutes longer.