Layout Element Overview

Starting in GP Premium 1.7, the Layout element allows you to set the same options you’re used to in the Layout metabox, but on a site-wide scale.

This means you can change the sidebar layout on specific categories for example, or set the content layout to full width on your entire site if you’re using a page builder everywhere.

This element is a massive time saver.

To create a new Sidebar Element, go to Appearance > Elements and click “Add New”. From the Element dropdown list, choose “Layout”.



Disable Element


Display Rules

In order for your element to display anywhere on your website, you must set certain conditions within the Display Rules tab.

These settings allow you to display your element throughout your site. You can choose specific pages, posts, categories etc.. You can even tell the element to display across your entire site.

You can also exclude the element using the same conditions. For example, you can tell your element to display throughout your entire site, excluding the About page.

Location (required) – Choose when this element should display.

Exclude (optional) – Choose when this element should not display.

Users (optional) – Display element for specific user roles.