GP Hooks has been replaced by our Elements module. Learn more about the hook system in Elements here.

Hooks Overview

GeneratePress uses the WordPress Hooks API to insert actions throughout the theme.

This allows us to “hook” our own custom code into various areas of the theme without changing core files.

You can see all of the available hooks in GeneratePress here.

The Hooks add-on makes it easier for you to add content into many of the main hooks without the need to write any PHP.

To find the Hooks area, go to Appearance > GP Hooks.

If you need a visual reference of where these hooks are located, check out this page.

Execute PHP

If you’ve added PHP into your hook, you must check the Execute PHP checkbox in order for it to work.

Disable Hook

If you need to, you can check the Disable Hook option to stop the hook from inserting into the page.

Video Overview