Adjusting the Featured Images

Note: These options require the Blog add-on in GP Premium.

Starting in GP Premium 1.5, the featured images layout options are separated for Archives (blog index, categories, archives and tag pages), Posts (single posts) and Pages (static pages) by using the toggle button.

You can find these options under Customizer > Layout > Blog.

  • Display featured images – Show or remove the featured images.
  • Display padding around images – Show or remove the padding around featured images (only available when alignment is set to center).
  • Location – Set the location of featured images. The options are below title and above title (single only).
  • Alignment – Set the alignment of featured images. The options are center, left and right.
  • Width & Height – Set the width and height of the featured images

Changing the featured image sizes using a filter

In some cases, you might need to adjust the featured image sizes based on different conditions. For this, we can use the following filter:

add_filter( 'generate_blog_image_attributes','tu_variable_image_sizes' );
function tu_variable_image_sizes( $atts ) {
    // Set up our conditional
    if ( is_post_type_archive( 'portfolio' ) ) {
        $atts[ 'width' ] = 300;
        $atts[ 'height' ] = 300;
        $atts[ 'crop' ] = true;

    // Return our options
    return $atts;

You can use this filter under any conditions you need by using the WordPress conditional tags.

Learn how to add PHP here.

Fix images not cropping

The image resizer in GPP tries not to overload your server resources, so it waits until there’s enough resources available to process the images.

If you find it taking too long, you can use a plugin like this.

Once installed, check for any cron events with this in the name:


Manually run the cron event, and your images will resize.