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Global Colors Overview

Note: This feature requires GeneratePress 3.1.0. or above. You can find the Global Color options in Customize > Colors. Once the Colors panel is open, you’ll see a list of Global colors and elements on your website. Global Colors By default, there are 7 colors added. Each color has a specific purpose. From left to […]

Dynamic Typography Overview

Note: This feature requires GeneratePress 3.1.0. or above. You can find the Dynamic Typography options in Customize > Typography. Please refer to this article if you would like to switch your existing site to use the new system. Font Manager Once the Typography panel is open, you’ll see the Font Manager. The Google fonts list […]

Block Element Overview

Block Elements are available as of GP Premium 1.11.0. Block Elements allow you to use the WordPress block editor to create hooks, site headers, site footers, sidebars, page hero, content template etc. Creating a Block Element First, make sure the Elements module is activated in Appearance > GeneratePress. Now, go to Appearance > Elements and […]

Layout Element Overview

Starting in GP Premium 1.7, the Layout element allows you to set the same options you’re used to in the Layout metabox, but on a site-wide scale. This means you can change the sidebar layout on specific categories for example, or set the content layout to full width on your entire site if you’re using a […]

WooCommerce Overview

GP Premium has an awesome WooCommerce (WC) add-on which gives you layout, color and typography options for your WC elements. In order to activate the WC add-on, you must have WC installed and activated. Then you can activate the add-on in Appearance > GeneratePress. Layout Most of the WC options are layout options, which you […]

Header Element Overview

The Header element replaces our old Page Header module. This element has most of the same options as the old Page Headers. If you need help migrating from your old Page Header, see this article. For a step by step guideline of creating a page hero, please see this article. To create a new Header […]

Off Canvas Panel Overview

Note: This option requires the Menu Plus add-on in GP Premium. Starting in GP Premium 1.8, the former Slideout Navigation panel is replaced by the off canvas panel. First, make sure there is a menu assigned to Off Canvas Menu under menu settings You can choose to activate your off canvas panel on mobile, desktop, both or disable […]

Hooks Element Overview

Starting in GP Premium 1.7, the Hook element replaces the GP Hooks module. This element allows you to insert content into any available hook on your website. There’s a list of available GP and GP Premium hooks, and there’s a custom hook option that allows you to define your own hook name if it doesn’t […]