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GeneratePress loads the child theme stylesheet by default if a child theme is active. The generate_load_child_theme_stylesheet filter allows you to disable that so you can add your own child theme stylesheet.

Using a Child Theme

A child theme is a theme that uses the core “parent” theme files, unless one of those files (in the root directory of the parent theme) are copied and added to the child theme. In that case, the copied file is used on your website so you can make changes to it without touching the […]

Child Theme Issues

There’s a lot of instructions out there on how to create child themes, some of which are pretty dated. There are certain things that are suggested to add to your child theme which will break functionality in GeneratePress, as these steps are done for you. @import Some instructions/pre-baked child themes come with the following line […]

Adding a Background Video

These options require GenerateBlocks 1.7.0. Adding a background video with blocks is super easy. The method below can be applied to a static page content or a block element page hero. Step 1: Add a Container block, then add a Custom HTML block inside it with the HTML: If you do NOT want the video […]


The generate_element_display allows us to bypass the Display Rules, so we can enable or disable an Element under our own conditions. This filter replaces the previous generate_header_element_display, generate_hook_element_display and generate_layout_element_display. Display an Element to a Specific Author archive For example, if we want to assign a specific element to Author Tom’s author archive only: You need […]

Move the Comment Form Above Comments

The following comments.php file is used to move the comment form from below comments to above comments. First, install a child theme if you are not using one currently. Then download the comments.php file here and paste it into your child theme’s folder.

Centering Your Logo In the Navigation

Centering the logo with menu items on both side is super easy with GeneratePress. First, make sure you are using the Flexbox structure of the theme. This can be checked in Customizer > General. Then you can either set the navigation location option to float left/right or use the navigation as a header option. Next, […]


The generate_hook_element_display allows us to bypass the Display Rules, so we can enable or disable an Element under our own conditions. For example, if we want to assign a specific hook to Author Tom only: Another useful example is to set the hook to display on the parent page and all the child pages automatically: You […]

Adding Local Fonts

Sometimes you may want to host a font locally, instead of using a service like Google Fonts. This article will take you through the steps to do this. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be using Google Fonts. However, this process will work for any kind of font file you might have. Downloading our […]

Building a Simple Mega Menu

GeneratePress doesn’t have a mega menu by default, simply because not everyone would use it and it adds a decent amount of CSS. However, creating a simple mega menu in GeneratePress isn’t very hard. You only need to add some CSS and then structure your menu correctly. First, add the CSS: @media (min-width: 769px) { […]