WooCommerce Overview

GP Premium has an awesome WooCommerce (WC) add-on which gives you layout, color and typography options for your WC elements.

In order to activate the WC add-on, you must have WC installed and activated. Then you can activate the add-on in Appearance > GeneratePress.


Most of the WC options are layout options, which you can find in Customize > Layout > WooCommerce.


Display cart in menu – Adds a cart icon with the total price of your items in the primary navigation.
You must have a theme location set for your primary navigation.

Display mini cart sub-menu – Show a mini cart when the icon above is hovered.

Menu Item Icons – Choose to use cart, bag or basket as the icon.

Menu Item Content – Choose to display the amount of number of items.

Display breadcrumbs – turn the WC breadcrumbs on or off.


These options relate to your main shop/product archive pages.

Sidebar layout – Choose the sidebar layout of your shop.

Product columns – Choose the number of columns to display your products in. Use the toggle to set specific number for mobile.

Image alignment – Choose the product image alignment. You typically only want to align it to the left or right if your product columns are set to 1.

Products per page – Choose the number of products to display on each page.

Text alignment – Choose the alignment of the product content (title, price, description etc..)

Display cart panel on add to cart – Show the cart panel when add to cart is clicked.

Display page title – Choose to display the page title.

Display product results count

Display product sorting

Display product image

Display secondary product image on hover – If you have more than 1 image set for your product, this option can show the second image when you hover over the primary image.

Display product title

Display sale flash

Sale flash over image

Display rating

Display price

Display add to cart button

Display short description

Single product

These options relate to your single product template.

Sidebar Layout – Choose the sidebar layout of the single product pages.

Product Image Area Width – Set the width of the product image area.

Display add to cart panel on scroll – Display the sticky cart panel when scroll.

Display quantity buttons

Display Sale Flash

Display product tabs – Show tabs which hold your item description, reviews, specs etc..

Display related products – Show the products related to the currently viewed item.

Display upsell products – Show the upsell products.

Related/upsell columns – Choose the number of columns to show the related/upsell products in.

Display product meta data – Show the meta for the current product (category, SKU etc..)

Display short description – Show the short description below the product title


  • Distraction-free mode – this option disables unnecessary elements on your checkout page, including the sidebars, footer widgets and sticky menus.


You can adjust your WC colors inside Customize > Colors > WooCommerce.


Typography options for WC can be found in Customize > Typography > WooCommerce.

Currently, you can edit the product title font weight, transform size and the related/upsell title font size.

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