Using the WordPress Menu Builder

WordPress has an awesome menu builder built in, allowing you to create awesome menus you can drag and drop to sort, and drag to indent items you wish to turn into a sub-menu.

This article goes over some of the functionality of the menu builder.

Create a new menu

gif 1
gif 2

How to add pages to your menu

gif 3

Creating a drop down menu

gif 4

Do you want your parent page to not link anywhere? Use custom links to achieve this!

Hint: If you don’t want your item to act like a link, remove the # once it’s added to the menu (the # is necessary to add it in the first place).

gif 5

Setting a theme location

gif 6

When Secondary Navigation Add-on is activated

gif 7

When Menu Plus Add-on is activated

Adding Custom Classes

gif 9
gif 10

Opening in a New Window/Tab

gif 11
gif 12