Using the More Tag

The More tag allows you to specify a custom cut off point for your posts on the index pages (archive, category, tags etc.). Readers have to click on the “more link” or “read more” in order to view the complete post.

How to Insert the More Tag

Gutenberg Editor

In the Gutenberg editor, you’ll want to insert a new block where you want the cut off to be.

Search for “more”, and you’ll see it appear:

Classic Editor

  • Click on the content text to specify where you want the post to cut off.
  • Click on the more link icon on the editor to insert the more tag.
  • Then you will see the more link divider in the content box

Overwriting the More Tag

If you have used the more tag in multiple posts but decided to use the auto excerpt instead, this PHP snippet can be used to overwrite the more tag instead of removing all the more tags manually:

add_filter( 'generate_more_tag', '__return_empty_string' );