Uploading Translations

GeneratePress (theme)

The theme translations can be found over here on WordPress.org.

Once a translation reaches 95% approved, WordPress will ship it directly to your Dashboard within a few hours. Sometimes, you need to go to Dashboard > Updates in your Dashboard and click the Update Translations button.

If the translation isn’t over 95% approved and you want to add it anyways, you can download the file.

  1. Click on your language name.
  2. Click on “GeneratePress”

At the bottom, click Export. Doing so will download a file for you.

Make sure the file has this naming structure: generatepress-xx_XX where xx_XX is your language. For example, Spanish would be generatepress-es_ES.

Now access your WordPress site via FTP or File Manager, and navigate to wp-content/languages/themes and upload your file.

GP Premium (plugin)

GP Premium translations can be found here.

To download a translation, click on your language and click the Export link at the bottom.

This will download a file for you, which already has the correct filename.

Now access your WordPress site via FTP or File Manager and navigate to wp-content/languages/plugins and upload your file.