Site Submission Terms

You must agree to all of the following in order to have your Sites packaged in GP Premium.

  1. Sites should be useful to the user without having to install the packaged content. This means that GeneratePress itself should be customized to a specific point of being useful to the user. For example, Sites that only make use of page builder templates with minimal GeneratePress elements will be rejected.
  2. Sites must be customizable inside the Customizer. Custom CSS that overwrites Customizer options should be limited, especially when it comes to colors and typography.
  3. Site content must not include any affiliate links whatsoever.
  4. Site content must not include any tracking scripts, including Google Analytics or any other service.
  5. Site content must not include any malicious coding intended to harm the user. If malicious coding is found, the site will be rejected, and any other existing Sites from the same submitter will be removed.
  6. All content and images must be GPL licensed. You will need to include URLs to the images you’ve packaged in your Site.
  7. GeneratePress and GP Premium are GPL, so any sites you submit will also fall under the GPL license.
  8. Sites can be removed or disabled at any time without notice.