Site Library Unavailable

Constant loading

If your Site Library page is in a constant state of loading, it can mean your WordPress installation is having trouble connecting to the WordPress REST API.

If this is the case, a simple fix that usually works is going to “Settings > Permalinks” and clicking the Save button. This can sometimes kickstart WordPress to start recognizing the REST API as it should. Now go into the Library to see if the sites are loading.

No sites found

If you can see the Site Library tab, but no sites exist, it means your server isn’t able to communicate with

First, click the “Refresh Sites” button. This will try to fetch the sites again.

Note: As of GP Premium 1.8.2, it may be necessary to click the Refresh Sites button twice (if nothing changes on first click). This will be fixed in GP Premium 1.9.

If that doesn’t work, install the Query Monitor plugin. Once installed and activated, head back to “Appearance > GeneratePress > Site Library” and click the Refresh Sites button again.

In your admin bar, hover the Query Monitor area and click the HTTP API Calls link, as the screenshot below shows.

The most common error is shown above: cURL error 28

This typically means your server isn’t able to communicate with (where the API for our Site Library lives).

You can check with your hosting support, as they will be able to tell why the error is happening.

If there isn’t a block in place, it’s possible that ModSecurity is enabled on your server. Ask your hosting to disable it while you use the Site Library. It can be turned back on once you’re done using the importer.

Supported PHP Version

If you activate GP Premium and the Site Library module but do not see the Site Library tab, it means your site is using an old version (<5.4) of PHP. You can check the version by using Display PHP Version plugin.

Our recommendation would be to use PHP version 7+ for the security and speed of your site.