Page Header has been replaced by our Elements module. Learn more about the Header system in Elements here.

Page Header Global Locations

We can apply Page Headers to global locations by navigating to Pages Headers > Global Locations.

This allows us to create a Page Header, and apply it to areas within WordPress that typically can’t be edited.

These areas include:

  • Posts page (blog)
  • Search results
  • 404 template

Post Types – Single

We can also apply Page Headers to single posts within any public post type on our site.

By default, these post types include:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Media

Whenever a new post type is added – by you or a plugin – they will be added to this list.

For example, we can create a Page Header using dynamic template tags, then we can apply that single Page Header to every single post on our website. This allows us to create a global template for all of our posts which can include things like the post title, author, date, terms and even custom fields.

Post Types – Archives

If you have any custom post types that have an archives page – like your WooCommerce shop page – you can apply a Page Header to it as well.

By default, there are no archive pages like this in WordPress. However, as you add plugins, post types will appear in this section if available.