Page Header Content

When no Page Header content is added, only your image (if set) will be displayed on the page.

Once we add content, the image is removed in favor of our content.

Page Header Content
Page Header Content

Once we add content to the area, more options will appear.

Page Header Content - more options
Page Header Content – more options

Automatically add paragraphs

Similar to the option you see in Text widgets, this option will add paragraph tags to your content automatically.

Adding padding

This option will add padding to your page header content. The padding value is taken from your content.

Add background image

Enabling this option will use the image you have set in your Image section (custom image or featured image) and apply it as the background image for your page header area.

Enabling this option will make the Parallax effect option appear.

Parallax effect
Parallax effect

Parallax effect

The option requires the Add background image option to be enabled.

Enabling this option will apply a parallax effect (moves as you scroll) to your background image.

Container type

Choose whether your page header will be contained or full width.

If you choose full width, the Fullscreen option will be available to you.

Page Header Container Type
Page Header Container Type


Requires the container type to be set to Full width.

This option will force your page header to take up the entire viewport of your page. If your header is displayed and not merged, the page header will calculate the remaining height below the header and will take up that remaining space.

Vertical center content

Requires the Fullscreen option to be enabled.

This option will align your page header content to the middle of your page header.

Text alignment

Align your page header content to the left, center or right.

Top/Bottom padding

Set the padding (inner spacing) of your page header element in pixels or percentage.


Set the background color, text color and link colors for your page header content.