Page Header has been replaced by our Elements module. Learn more about the Header system in Elements here.

Merging the Page Header & Site Header

Note: This section requires content to the added in the Content section of the Page Header meta box.

The Advanced section in the Page Header meta box allows us to merge our Page Header Content and our site header/navigation.

Page Header Advanced
Page Header Advanced

Merge with site header

Enable the section by enabling the Merge with site header option.

Place content behind header (sliders etc..)

This option is useful if your page header background has been added to the Content section (a slider shortcode for example), and isn’t the default image or background video set in the meta box.

Site title

Change your site title color.

Site tagline

Change your site tagline color.

Custom Navigation Colors

Adjust the colors of your navigation so they match your page header. Enabling this option will make more options appear.

Page Header Custom Navigation Colors
Page Header Custom Navigation Colors