Conflicting Display Rules

When we’re creating an Element, we always need to set Display Rules in order for them to apply on our live site.

If we’re adding a Hook or a Layout, these Display Rules won’t ever conflict, as we can have multiple hooks/layouts set to one condition without any issues.

However, we can only have one Page Hero per condition.

So what happens if we add multiple Page Heros, and apply them to the same condition?

When this happens, the older element (the one added first) will be applied to the condition, while the newer one will not show up.

So what if we want the newer one to show up?

In this case, we have two options:

a) Go into the older Element, and remove the condition you’re trying to apply to your new Element. This is ideal if it’s a specific condition (a specific page, etc..)

b) If the original condition is more broad (all pages, etc..), we can go into the older element and add the more specific condition we’re trying to set in the new Element within the Exclusions. This will exclude that specific condition from the older Element, freeing up the new Element to take its place.

So, if a Page Hero isn’t applying to one of your conditions, it means that condition is already occupied by a previous element.

Need an example?

Let’s say we added a Page Hero and applied it to all of our pages.

Now we added a new Page Hero and applied it to the About page, but this Page Hero doesn’t show up.

That’s because the first Page Hero is occupying that spot. So we need to go into our original Page Hero, and add the About page to the exclusions.