Activating Slide-out Navigation

Note: This option requires the Menu Plus add-on in GP Premium.

The slide-out navigation can be very useful for displays a third menu, or a long mobile menu.

Starting in GP Premium 1.6, you can also add widgets inside the slideout navigation panel.

This menu will appear from the left side of the page when the button to open it is clicked.

In cases where you’re using a sticky navigation on mobile and your navigation is very long, using a slide-out navigation is essential.

To activate it, we go to Customize > Layout > Slideout Navigation.

This option has 4 choices:

  • Mobile only – the slide-out navigation will only be used for the mobile menu.
  • Desktop only – the slide-out navigation will add a button to your main navigation to open the slide-out menu.
  • On – the slide-out navigation will be available on desktop and mobile.
  • Off – disable the slide-out navigation completely.

Use Slide-out Navigation Only

Some users wish to use slide-out navigation only on desktop. This can be done with the simple method below:

First, create a menu with the desired items and assign it to Slideout Menu in theme locations.

Then create an empty menu and assign it to Primary Menu in theme locations

Then you can head to navigation location to adjust the position of the toggle.

Empty Slideout Navigation

If you have activated the slideout navigation but the menu items aren’t showing up:

Then make sure you have a menu assigned to Slideout Menu in Theme Location.