Activating Slide-out Navigation

Note: This option requires the Menu Plus add-on in GP Premium.

The slide-out navigation can be very useful for displays a third menu, or a long mobile menu.

This menu will appear from the left side of the page when the button to open it is clicked.

In cases where you’re using a sticky navigation on mobile and your navigation is very long, using a slide-out navigation is essential.

To activate it, we go to Customize > Layout > Slide-out Navigation.

This option has 4 choices:

  • Mobile only – the slide-out navigation will only be used for the mobile menu.
  • Desktop only – the slide-out navigation will add a button to your main navigation to open the slide-out menu.
  • Both – the slide-out navigation will be available on desktop and mobile.
  • Disable – disable the slide-out navigation completely.