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Header Element Overview

The Header element replaces our old Page Header module. This element has most of the same options as the old Page Headers. If you need help migrating from your old Page Header, see this article. For examples of page heros, please see this article. For a step by step guideline of creating a page hero, […]

Header Element Template Tags

Page Headers have a list of dynamic template tags which you can add to your content. These tags will pick up elements based on the page you’re currently viewing. {{post_title}} Will pick up the title of the page or post you’re currently viewing. It will also pick up the current taxonomy title if the Page […]

Moving Hooks & Page Headers to Elements

In the videos below, we go over migrating your old Hooks and Page Headers to the new Elements module in GP Premium 1.7. This first video was made by Mike Oliver of Zephyr Studio. It’s about 45 minutes long, and goes over migrating Page Headers to Page Heros. This next video is much shorter, but […]


The generate_header_element_display allows us to bypass the Display Rules, so we can enable or disable an Element under our own conditions. Examples For example, if we want to assign a specific header to Author Tom only: Another request that we get from time to time is to only show page hero on first archive or posts […]


The generate_show_entry_header filter allows you remove the entire <header class=”entry-header”> element.

Block Element Overview

Block Elements are available as of GP Premium 1.11.0. Block Elements allow you to use the WordPress block editor to create hooks, site headers, site footers and sidebars. Creating a Block Element First, make sure the Elements module is activated in Appearance > GeneratePress. Now, go to Appearance > Elements and click the Add New […]

Mobile Header

Note: This option requires the Menu Plus add-on in GP Premium. The mobile header option is found in Appearance > Customize > Layout > Header. This option disables the default website header on mobile devices: and replaces it with a streamlined version: The mobile header inherits your navigation colors set in Customize > Colors > Primary Navigation. […]

Navigation as a Header

Using navigation as a header as seen above is one of the most popular and requested layouts currently. Starting in GP Premium 1.8, you can find this option under Layout > Header: Basic Make sure there is a site title or/and a logo in added Site Identity. Check to activate Use Navigation as Header option […]

Transparent Header and Navigation

Transparent header and navigation layout in the example above is very popular and can be achieve easily with our Header Element module. The steps are the same whether you are using a page builder or not. The key settings to achieve this are highlighted in blue below: The settings highlighted in orange above are optional. […]

Replacing the Site Header

Using a Hook Element, we can replace the default theme site header with our own HTML. First, create a new Hook Element. Then, select the header hook from the dropdown of available hooks. When you do this, an option will appear below it asking if you’d like to disable the site header. Checking this option will […]