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Sections Overview

Sections is our own very simple page builder. If you’re already using a more advanced page builder, you won’t need to activate Sections. Please note that Sections cannot be used with Gutenberg editor currently. Turning on Sections By default, Sections can only be used on Pages and Posts. Enabling Sections on the page will remove […]

Using the More Tag

The More tag allows you to specify a custom cut off point for your posts on the index pages (archive, category, tags etc.). Readers have to click on the “more link” or “read more” in order to view the complete post. How to Insert the More Tag Gutenberg Editor In the Gutenberg editor, you’ll want to insert […]

Replicating the Screenshot

Replacing our theme screenshot using the free version of GeneratePress is super easy. This article will go through the necessary steps. Set the Front Page The first thing we need to do is set a static front page. By default, WordPress will use the posts page (blog) as your front page. To create a static […]